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RCM Southwest Division Honors Recital

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 by Becky Brouwer | Recital

Congratulations to Luke Short and Becky Brouwer, who were invited to be a part of the Royal Conservatory of Music Southwest Division Honors Recital this past weekend. You can listen to Luke's performance of "Sherlock Holmes" by Mike Schoenmehl at about 5:15 in the video. Becky played "Rings of Saturn" by Alexina Louie at 43:50. All the performances are wonderful. Four students in the studio are currently preparing to take their RCM exams in the next several months. Please let your teacher know if you would be interested in this level of piano playing.

Royal Conservatory of Music Celebration of Excellence - Southwest Division

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I love having adventures with my sweetheart of 25 years! My musical journey has been an adventure and continues to inspire me as much as climbing mountains! Proud mother of 6 children who all play the piano and grandmother to one amazing grandson who will certainly play the piano some day!

I am an avid music student at Brigham Young University. I love writing my own music and creating stories. With many more exciting years in teaching to come, I am ready to learn and grow with my students while helping them on their way! 

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