Peak Music Academy Policies

Updated: 8/12/22

Location and Lesson Etiquette

Lessons are offered at my home. To give everyone as productive and uninterrupted lesson as possible, please observe the following:

    • Arrive on time with all of your materials
    • Come in through the front door and leave your shoes at the door. Please walk in when the teacher is in. 
    • Wash hands before playing the piano with soap in the bathroom
    • Parents are required to be available during lessons (either at the lesson or via cell phone). In the event of an emergency, if a parent cannot be reached, you agree that the teacher will be permitted to exercise discretion in providing care and treatment for your child.  Parents agree to hold teachers harmless for any such care and treatment decisions.
    • Parents are welcome at lessons as well as siblings. Parents assume responsibility for their other children during lessons and neither should interact with the student during lesson time.

Monthly Subscription Prices:

Peak Piano - $120/month All new students to Peak Piano at Peak Music Academy begin with the Peak Piano Training Program. Students are taught in a weekly, 30-minute private lesson. Focus is on foundational habits for a strong piano technique as well as understanding of note reading and chord theory. When this program is completed, students will be able to advance to the Climber, or Mountaineer program. Further information about these advanced programs can be found here. The Peak Piano Training Program is generally a one year commitment.

This program includes the following foundational skills

  • Peery Habits Program
  • Note Reading
  • Keyboard Geography
  • Chord Theory (Play popular songs by ear)
  • Monthly Performance or Performance class with other students
  • Optional 30 min “Tech Time” before or after private lesson (Explore technology and apps offered at the academy to enhance musical learning) Please let your teacher know if you will be attending Tech Time before or after your lesson.

Peak Vocal - $100/month Students participate in 30-min, weekly private lessons and will have in depth training in vocal performance, mastering vocal techniques and developing a repertoire base:

This program includes the following foundational skills:

  • Strong, clear sound
  • Classical and Contemporary styles
  • Ease and flexibility in voice control
  • Preparation for Auditions
  • Preparation for NATS

Your monthly tuition pays for the student to be on the active student list of Peak Music Academy and to participate in lesson appointments and other studio activities that include these opportunities:

  • 6 flexible lessons in the Summer  - These are scheduled by the student online through the teacher's calendar. Summer lessons begin the last full week of May and go to the 2nd week in August. There are 12 weeks to choose 6 lessons from.
  • 31 Lessons in the school year  - The school generally begins the 3rd week of August and will go to the last week of May.
  • 3 Academy Recitals (October, February, May)
  • 7 Performance Classes (No private lessons on these weeks)
  • Peery Habits Certification
  • Preparation for, Encore Evaluations, AIM and RCM exams, UMTA  and MTNA Performance and Composition Competitions, and many other competitions and festivals and concerts that come up.
  • Academy subscriptions to The Piano Magazine, Bettermusicapp, Piano Maestro, MyMusicStaff, Piano Marvel and Scribd
  • Several music learning apps available in studio during “Tech Time”

Piano Lab - $30/month Students participate with up to 3 other students in a weekly piano lab for up to 1 hour with a guide. Students will learn note reading, theory, composing, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, music appreciation and history and improv through fun, interactive games using software and applications available in the Academy. It is a great way for students to take their learning to the next level and to be guided by a qualified instructor in engaging ways. Please see here for more information. You do not need to be a regular member of the Academy to participate in this class. If you do not have a current teacher, you may participate with a subscription to Piano Marvel - Practice requirements and materials fees as well as Performances do not apply to students who are only enrolled in Piano Lab. Please see policy on Missed Lessons below.

Tech Time:

Tech time is an optional added benefit for students participating in the Mountaineering or Peak Training programs. Students may come early or stay after their lessons to work on technology available in the studio. Please let me know if your student would like to take advantage of this free addition and when they are planning to come for Tech time.

Payment Methods and Due Dates:

Tuition is payable only by auto-pay by credit card (3% convenience fee applied) or bank transfer (free) in the student’s account. An invoice will be emailed on the first day of every month when the transaction is triggered. You may log in at Peak Music Academy at anytime to see account details. Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition fees are subject to increase upon 60 days written notice.

Missed Lessons 

We offer many different options if your student has a conflict. Please be assured that your tuition payment covers far more than the lesson time spent with your student and if you must miss a lesson, the time will still be dedicated to your student. Here are some solutions, if you must miss a lesson.

1. Check with the teacher on other times during that week that are available

2. Zoom, FaceTime or Skype lesson

3. Record practicing and receive feedback

4. Miss the benefit of that lesson

It is the client’s responsibility to cancel their lesson on the academy calendar. The teacher will be informed of the cancelation. In the notes, please indicate how you would like to handle your missed lesson. 


Students who are ill should not come to piano lessons. We reserve the right to send a student home if they arrive sick. Please refer to above section “Missed Lessons”.

If a student destroys property or causes harm willfully or negligently, the student or agent are held responsible for replacement or professional cleaning of damaged or broken property.


Please keep in contact with your teacher regarding your child’s progress and practice habits. Email or text is the most efficient method of communication at peak.music.academy@gmail.com, 801-361-8159 (Becky), 385-535-7016 (Ashlee).

Concerts/Evaluation and Performance Opportunities

Many opportunities for recitals and other keyboard events occur every year. We keep our students informed of these opportunities through e-mails.

Opportunities for performances include academy concerts as well as competitions and festivals. Festivals, evaluations and competitions provide great value to students who participate. Please let us know if your student is interested in any particular events, and we will help them prepare.

All students will participate in Performances or Performance Classes once a month where they will perform technique and repertoire pieces as well as learn theory in a fun, engaging atmosphere.

If a student will be performing a piece for a Concert, Evaluation, Competition or Festival, they are expected to have at least 10 practice performances. These can be done at friend’s or relatives homes or if necessary by FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

Concerts/Evaluations and Performances must be registered for on the Academy Calendar. Please do so as soon as possible to be included in these exciting performance opportunities. Deadline for registrations will be a month before the performance.

Summer Lessons

6 lessons plus the summer performance class, pool party and bbq are available to schedule for the summer. Please register for lessons on the Academy calendar. Please note, you are paying a yearly subscription and not per lesson price. Please only register for 6 lessons in the summer. 

Books and Materials

$40 per student covers all music, games, incentives and awards. This fee will be charged at the beginning of Fall and Winter Terms (September and January). An extra $50 will be charged for materials, for students who participate in RCM when new materials are needed. Voice students will need to purchase their own materials and will not be charged the registration fee. We also have a large library of music that will be occasionally loaned to students. Materials should be returned in good condition.

Practice Time and Other Requirements 

To enjoy playing the piano, a student should be a proficient practicer. 6 days of practice is expected each week recorded on Betterpracticeapp. This will require a student to use a computer, tablet or smart phone while practicing. Consistency of practicing will be the difference between a happy or discouraged student. If a student gets into the habit of practicing daily, progress will be more consistent and playing the piano will be more enjoyable. The first few days after a lesson will naturally require a longer time commitment to rehearse what was learned at the lesson. Parents should plan to be involved with practice time the first two days. Less time will be required towards the end of the week. If a student isn’t able to get to the piano for regular practice, they can study and listen to a composer, work on theory or do tech time activities. There will be an assignment in Betterpracticeapp under Tech Time. This option is available at the discretion of the parent. Tech Time should not fill every practice time.

Incentives for Practice: Any student practicing and recording at least 6 days of practice on Betterpracticeapp a week for a trimester will receive a reward of 10% tuition discount to their account for the following trimester! (Fall: Sept-Dec, Winter: Jan-Apr, Summer: May-Aug)

More incentive programs will be announced throughout the year. Please make practice time non-negotiable. Perhaps a family policy of practice before friends or games, etc. or setting a schedule for your child’s practice daily will also be helpful. Please contact me for further suggestions.

Typical Lessons Include: Theory, Technique, Ear Training, Improv/Composing, Lesson Materials, Performance Materials, Hymns, Games, Music History and Technology. 

Dismissals and Termination

Regrettably, we will consider dismissing a student if any of these circumstances occur:   

    •    Continued failure to pay tuition on time

    •    Persistent absences

    •    Uncooperative attitude

    •    Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements

Thank you for abiding by these policies to help your student’s piano lessons be the most productive, efficient and effective!  I look forward to a great year.

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